Motherhood: A Call to Arms

As mothers who seek to honor the Lord in our callings, it is important for us to be thoughtful and clear headed about our ultimate goal: raising men and women who love the Lord.

A good understanding of how God uses mothers who fear Him will help equip us to cheerfully accomplish our daily work, keeping our eyes on the goal. Without a big vision for our work we can become lost in the details, losing perspective and becoming vulnerable to all kinds of discouragement.

In this webinar we are going to look at what Scripture has to say about us, our work, and children, and we will talk about how we can practically apply those things in our everyday dealings with our future men and future women.


Session Schedule:

Session 1—Sept. 5, 10:00am
Session 2—Sept. 12, 10:00am
Session 3—Sept. 19, 10:00am
Session 4—Sept 26, 10:00am

Note: If you are not able to attend each webinar live, you can still sign up to receive the videos and watch through them afterwards.

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Rachel Jankovic is a wife, homemaker, and mother. She graduated from New Saint Andrews College, but mostly reads cookbooks now to avoid story grip (being highly susceptible). She and her husband Luke have seven children who know how to party: Evangeline (13), Daphne (12), Chloe (10), Titus (10), and Blaire (8) and Shadrach (5), and Moses (2).


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